w-inds. (winds) is a vocal & dancing group comprised of Keita Tachibana, vocal, Ryohei Chiba and Ryuichi Ogata, chorus, rap .

Every Sunday beginning November 2000, they began performing on the streets in places like Shibuya or Yoyogi park, gathering 8,000 people in Shibuya “promenade” (Hokoten) right before their debut in March 2001. The group's 1st album “w-inds. -1st Message-” released in the same year made it into the first place in the Oricon Charts.

Their singles “Another Days” and “Because of you” released in 2002, and “SUPER LOVER - I need you tonight -” and “Long Road” in 2003 also topped the Oricon Single Charts. They performed in established annual year-end Japanese music shows such as “Record Taisho” and “Kohaku Uta Gassen”, solidifying their talent and popularity.

The group has conducted nationwide tours every summer that draw more than 100,000 people,
generating “w-inds. buzz” everywhere. They toured to 19 cities with 36 shows this year in Japan.

Their careers have flourished all over Asia, in places like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, China , Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. Especially in Taiwan, their 4 consecutive albums topped the general music charts, a first time achievement for any Japanese artist.
In Korea they performed in major music festivals 3 years in a row in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Their appearance also included their participation in a commemorative event for Japan-China Diplomatic Relations held in Beijing, China, as well as a participation in a live concert held in the Prime Minister's office in Japan on the occasion of Chinese President, Hu Jintao's visit to Japan. In 2008, they joined the Japan-Vietnam Friendship Music Festival in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City for the Celebration of the 35th Anniversary of Japan-Vietnam Diplomatic Relations, while also joining a fund-raising concert “Heart Aid Shisen”.

This year G-DRAGON, the leader of Korea's No.1 hip-hop group “BIGBANG”, contributed rap vocals for w-inds.' “Rain Is Fallin'”, a single released in May. The two boybands collaboration drew a lot of attention and helped to liven up both Japanese and Korean dance music scenes.
Keeping up the momentum, w-inds. performed solo arena concerts in Taiwan and Hong Kong in November this year.

The Group has become a regular favorite and have established their abilities, which is backed by their energetic activities all over Asia.

Inside Japan, their recent singles “Everyday/CAN'T GET BACK” and “Rain Is Fallin'/HYBRID DREAM” both ranked in the top 2 on the charts consecutively, which proves both their continuing popularity and ability as one of the leading groups.

A male vocal & dancing group that has been generating a fresh wind in this new age, 21st century ――

That is w-inds.





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